Clean up Berrylands Station!

19 Jan

stationLiberal Democrat Councillor Bob Steed and local campaigner Sushila Abraham have called on South West Trains to clean up Berrylands station.

 At present the pathway leading to the station is strewn with litter and the station sign is covered with graffiti.  The poor state is particularly disappointing as local Liberal Democrat Councillors have worked hard to improve the lighting and pathways leading to the station.

Bob and Sushila have written to South West Trains asking them to take action before the station falls into a further state of disrepair.

Councillor Bob Steed said,

“Berrylands Station is long overdue a clear up.  The state of it is appalling – our commuters deserve better!”

Sushila Abraham added,

“It is simply unfair that the lesser used stations such as Berrylands are so often neglected by South West Trains.”

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