A message from Sushila

23 Jan

On 28th February residents in Berrylands will be voting to elect a new Councillor. This by-election was caused by the death of popular local Councillor, Frances Moseley who worked tirelessly on behalf of all local residents.

I am asking you to back me in the forthcoming election for the following reasons:

1. I have lived in the local area for over twenty years with my husband Mathew and my son. I run my own legal practice which is based on the Ewell Road and over the years I have fought on behalf of hundreds of local residents. Additionally, as a local solicitor I really understand the needs of the local community and small business owners.

2. The local Lib Dems have campaigned for a new school for Berrylands – the much needed Lime Tree School opened in September with three reception classes. I was sad when I saw the Conservatives in Kingston opposing the building of this school from its inception.

3. I am campaigning against the Tory cuts to neighbourhood policing – Berrylands has always been one of the safest wards in London but the Tories at City Hall in central London are putting this at risk with their proposals to close the front desk at Millbank and to cut the number of dedicated officers on the beat in Berrylands. Instead of cutting red tape, bureaucracy and wasteful IT projects they are putting local safety at risk. Please sign my petition.

In 2010 it was a close fight in Berrylands between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives – your vote really will make all the difference this time. The Liberal Democrats in Berrylands have a strong record of action, to ensure this continues, please lend me your support on 28th February.

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