Protecting local services in tough times

31 Jan

Kingston Council has taken drastic action to ensure the most vulnerable people across the borough are protected in tough times. Central government has cut the money which it gives to Kingston. But it still expects the council to find millions of pounds in savings in 2013.

Mrs Gossington meets Sushila Abraham

Mrs Gossington meets Sushila Abraham

Conservative Local Government Minister Eric Pickles tries to hide his cuts by offering a flimsy incentive of a little extra cash for a couple of years if Council Tax is frozen. The truth is that if Kingston Council continues to accept these bribes we will all face massive cuts in a few years’ time. In such a case, our young people and the elderly would suffer, and many other services would have to be slashed.

Council Leader Derek Osbourne says,

“Tax is the subscription we pay to live in a civilised society. This year council tax will rise by around 52p per week. Surely that is a price worth paying to educate our children and to let our elderly live in dignity.”

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