Meet Sushila

Sushila Abraham is a local solicitor who has lived and practised law in the local area for over twenty years.

Sushila decided to start her own practice locally because she wanted to offer quality and care to the local community. She also wanted to be free from pressure to overcharge clients in order to meet the profit and billing targets set up by some of the bigger law firms.

A local champion for the community

Sushila is a very community minded person who uses her talents to help local people. She has volunteered at the Kingston Law Centre which offers free legal advice to people who cannot afford it.

Sushila has campaigned against cuts to Legal Aid because she believes it is important for everyone to be able to access legal assistance when they need it.

Sushila firmly believes that everyone should have the same start in life. To help meet this locally, she is planning to start a group to teach life skills such as cooking to local children, working with local schools and producers to provide the facilities.

Protecting local services

Sushila has fought with local campaigners against the last Labour government’s programmes of Post Office closures. She is currently fighting the proposals to close the police front desk at Millbank House.

The local team

Sushila Abraham with other  Lib Dem team members

Sushila Abraham with other Lib Dem team members

The Lib Dem FOCUS team has a strong record of over 20 years service to Berrylands. Before her death in 2012 Frances Moseley worked tirelessly on behalf of residents in Berrylands on a range of issues including housing, road signing, road repairs and planning.

Edward Davey MP and Councillor Bob Steed are backing Sushila Abraham as the best choice to help them continue Frances’ work.

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