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Sushila Abraham wins Berrylands by-election!

1 Mar

Congratulations to Sushila Abraham, the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Berrylands by-election on 28th February, who beat the Conservative candidate into second place.

The full result is:

Sushila Abraham (Liberal Democrat)     948
Conservative 761
Labour 455
UKIP 175
Green 112

Save Millbank House police front desk – update

22 Feb
Sushila Abraham with Councillors Malcolm Self and Liz Green

Sushila Abraham with Councillors Malcolm Self and Liz Green

Thank you to everyone who has signed my petition to Save the Police front desk at Millbank House.

I have now sent the petition to the Conservative Mayor of London with this letter:


Boris Johnson
Mayor of London
Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queens Walk
More London
London SE1 2AA

Berrylands Liberal Democrats
21 Berrylands Road

Dear Mr Johnson,

I am writing to you enclosing the petition which I have been running in Berrylands against the plans to close the police front desk at Millbank House and the proposed cuts to the safer neighbourhood teams across Kingston.

My objection to the closing of the front desk is as follows. I have direct experience of the impact which a closing of a police station or front desk has on the level of crime in the surrounding area; its mere presence acts as a deterrent. Additionally, I am concerned about the impact which some of the alternative proposals will have on the level of crime reporting. For example, I would worry about erecting ‘pop up’ shops in coffee shops or supermarkets and expecting people to report serious crimes such as assault or rape which already have low rates of reporting. I fear that having to report such crimes in a public place will deter people who might already be nervous about doing so.

I do hope you will take my comments and the views of local residents into account when making these plans.

Yours sincerely,

Sushila Abraham
Liberal Democrat Campaigner for Berrylands Ward, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Re-zoning campaign update

11 Feb

Edward Davey MP’s campaign to rezone Surbiton station to zone 5 has now reached a critical stage.

Edward has been meeting with ministers at the Department of Transport as well as the new Chief Executive of South West Trains, Tim Shoveller and is pressing for a decision this year.

Edward said: “This could still go either way, but the good news is that last month I got the written confirmation from South West Trains that I had been pressing for – namely that they were not against rezoning in principle.

The case for rezoning remains as strong as ever and I now feel positive enough to press for a decision before next year’s fare rises.”

More money for schools

6 Feb

Lib Dems believe investing in early years education is key to success in future years. This is why even in tough economic times, Kingston’s Lib Dem-run Council has built a new primary school.

Lime Tree Primary School opened in September 2012 and is providing an excellent education for children in Surbiton and Berrylands.

Grand Avenue Primary School has also been rebuilt with an additional form of entry and consultations are starting for extra places at Christ Church.

The Liberal Democrats have responded to the needs of Surbiton families whilst local Tory councillors opposed the building of the new school.

When Hollyfield School’s builders went bust the Lib Dems immediately found other builders to make sure that the school could open virtually on time that September.

Across Kingston the Lib Dems have spent £32million to ensure that local schools continue to meet the needs of local people.

Proud to invest in your future

2 Feb

newenthouseKingston’s Liberal Democrat controlled council has pledged to ensure that older people across the borough have specialist care for conditions such as dementia, which are becoming increasingly common.

This is good news for those people who know that they will not be able to cope in their own homes for much longer. It builds on the work that Lib Dem Councillors started in 2009, when the award-winning new Amy Woodgate home in Chessington opened.

Kingston Liberal Democrats believe that our elderly people deserve the best possible care in their twilight years. This is why we are upgrading outdated facilities and replacing them with new, state-of-the art, specialist care centres.

The Council will also be investing an extra half a million pounds in better health and social care for people in their own homes.

Sushila Abraham says:

“Kingston already has a model Dementia Service provided at Amy Woodgate House in Chessington. This was commissioned by this Liberal Democrat Council a few years ago in better economic times. It opened in 2009 and is regarded as an exemplar across the Country.

I welcome this new announcement of such an investment in dementia care even in such tough times.”

Protecting local services in tough times

31 Jan

Kingston Council has taken drastic action to ensure the most vulnerable people across the borough are protected in tough times. Central government has cut the money which it gives to Kingston. But it still expects the council to find millions of pounds in savings in 2013.

Mrs Gossington meets Sushila Abraham

Mrs Gossington meets Sushila Abraham

Conservative Local Government Minister Eric Pickles tries to hide his cuts by offering a flimsy incentive of a little extra cash for a couple of years if Council Tax is frozen. The truth is that if Kingston Council continues to accept these bribes we will all face massive cuts in a few years’ time. In such a case, our young people and the elderly would suffer, and many other services would have to be slashed.

Council Leader Derek Osbourne says,

“Tax is the subscription we pay to live in a civilised society. This year council tax will rise by around 52p per week. Surely that is a price worth paying to educate our children and to let our elderly live in dignity.”

Save Millbank front desk

24 Jan
Sushila Abraham with Councillors Malcolm Self and Liz Green

Sushila Abraham with Councillors Malcolm Self and Liz Green

Sushila Abraham and the Lib Dem team have slammed the proposals by the Conservative Mayor of London to close the police front desk at Millbank House and to cut the number of dedicated officers on the beat in Berrylands.

The Liberal Democrats understand the need to make savings in the police budget but believe taking police off the beat is not the answer.

Local campaigner Sushila Abraham says: “Berrylands is one of the safest wards in London. The cuts proposed by the Mayor of London put this record and reputation at risk.

I know from personal experience the impact which the closure of local police desks can have on the surrounding area; the area surrounding my business on the Ewell Road experienced a marked
increase in crime levels when our local police station was moved.

I will oppose these ill-considered plans and I urge local residents to join me by signing my petition.”



A message from Sushila

23 Jan

On 28th February residents in Berrylands will be voting to elect a new Councillor. This by-election was caused by the death of popular local Councillor, Frances Moseley who worked tirelessly on behalf of all local residents.

I am asking you to back me in the forthcoming election for the following reasons:

1. I have lived in the local area for over twenty years with my husband Mathew and my son. I run my own legal practice which is based on the Ewell Road and over the years I have fought on behalf of hundreds of local residents. Additionally, as a local solicitor I really understand the needs of the local community and small business owners.

2. The local Lib Dems have campaigned for a new school for Berrylands – the much needed Lime Tree School opened in September with three reception classes. I was sad when I saw the Conservatives in Kingston opposing the building of this school from its inception.

3. I am campaigning against the Tory cuts to neighbourhood policing – Berrylands has always been one of the safest wards in London but the Tories at City Hall in central London are putting this at risk with their proposals to close the front desk at Millbank and to cut the number of dedicated officers on the beat in Berrylands. Instead of cutting red tape, bureaucracy and wasteful IT projects they are putting local safety at risk. Please sign my petition.

In 2010 it was a close fight in Berrylands between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives – your vote really will make all the difference this time. The Liberal Democrats in Berrylands have a strong record of action, to ensure this continues, please lend me your support on 28th February.

Clean up Berrylands Station!

19 Jan

stationLiberal Democrat Councillor Bob Steed and local campaigner Sushila Abraham have called on South West Trains to clean up Berrylands station.

 At present the pathway leading to the station is strewn with litter and the station sign is covered with graffiti.  The poor state is particularly disappointing as local Liberal Democrat Councillors have worked hard to improve the lighting and pathways leading to the station.

Bob and Sushila have written to South West Trains asking them to take action before the station falls into a further state of disrepair.

Councillor Bob Steed said,

“Berrylands Station is long overdue a clear up.  The state of it is appalling – our commuters deserve better!”

Sushila Abraham added,

“It is simply unfair that the lesser used stations such as Berrylands are so often neglected by South West Trains.”

Sushila Abraham selected to fight by-election

18 Jan
Sushila Abraham with Cllr Bob Steed and Edward Davey MP

Sushila Abraham with Cllr Bob Steed and Edward Davey MP

Berrylands Liberal Democrats have selected local businesswoman Sushila Abraham to contest the forthcoming by-election.

The forthcoming by-election has been triggered due to the death of Councillor Frances Moseley in December 2012.  She was a fantastic Councillor who worked tirelessly for all members of the community.  She will be sorely missed.

Sushila Abraham is a local businesswoman who has lived in the local area with her family for over twenty years.  A solicitor by profession, Sushila has a strong record of fighting for local people and really understands the issues which affect local residents.

Sushila Abraham said,

“I am delighted to have been selected to fight this election for the Liberal Democrats.

“Frances Moseley will be a tough act to follow but I am determined to do her proud.

“The Liberal Democrats on Kingston Council do a lot of very good work and I look forward to working alongside local councillors to ensure that Berrylands remains a safe and pleasant place for all to live.”

Local MP Edward Davey added,

“I am thrilled to have Sushila on board with the Berrylands FOCUS team.  I urge local residents to support her in the by-election.”

The by-election will be held on Thursday 28th February.